I saw this beutifull girl.
she had a wonderfull smile and she was a Kurator at an exhibition i took part in.She had a wonderfull smile and i followed her one day to the beach where she took off almost all of her clothing.i went over to her and we had an amazing debate about art and the role of the artist then we kissed.or by following her to the beach i mean that i looked up her name on the internet,And by talking i mean i wrote her a mail. . and by kissing i actually mean that she was not hostile. . . i really enjoyed that day at the beach.

It was pretty late.
I had been dreaming away drawing in my door,Outside my door is a little garden.and on the other side of the street across from my garden is a school,Beside the school is a an apparment complex.Inside this complex lives a girl who have curls and a wonderfull face.i do not know how long i had been watching her.
i crossed the street once and noted her name and found images of her on the internet.It was getting late i was sitting watching her appartment the lights went off and she went to bed.I drew a drawing and when the drawing was done she was sleeping in my bed.

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