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Uncertain Date years ago

Ok i was on the bus, And after entering the bus. A older lady approximately 45-50
years old waved me over and padded the seat next to her so i sat down. She was quick to ask me all sorts of questions. This was strange since people on the bus rarely speak.

Any whom it ended up with her offering me money to go with her to her place for a cup of coffee. Kinda shocked and kinda intrigued i said yes with the one demand that she was not allowed to pay me. At her place where all sorts of stuff you see in movies and the like old stuff that looked expensive. We then had sex and she had the face of the devil. i left wondering what had happened the next morning i found a check in my pocked. & some months later she called me and asked if i wanted to earn a new television i said no. No thank you i said


Then i became a trecher in the formidable art of comics. After a couple of lessons, i was asked to do a lecture on my Art.

At some point in the seance a young girl asked me about my prime interests in my work.

where to i replied:

The Bible, Rap, Depression &

Sex with young girls.

our eyes looked into each other but was disturbed by the teacher.

Some days later i went for my final teaching in the art of comics. The girl mentioned above asked me for private lessons.


A girl contacted me over my email, She was from Finland and i have no idea how she got my mail. I welcomed her and picked her up in the airport. & brought her to my house

I live in this house with 2 rooms & a garden from the garden you can look into the bathroom.